Broadcast Rights

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Broadcast Rights Process


NJSIAA's process for obtaining broadcast rights has changed significantly. Please click on the link above for more details regarding NJSIAA Broadcast Rights.



The preproduced material was important to upgrade the arrangement's instructive and specialized goals, which den;anded that understudies see genuine individuals working in genuine circumstances. The STD did not have financing to buy or work a total remote TV office, important to film or tape genuine work circumstances or circumstances in an assortment of topographical areas. Preproduced materials were, in this way, used to delineate "reality" circumstances for the arrangement. Finding the best assignment help online service that can help to preproduced materials, be that as it may, was not as simple, quick, or Inexpensive as initially accepted. A great part of the material inspected was not satisfactory to the STD, since it v/ds excessively costly. Many film or tape communicate copyrights were amazingly costly. Further, a few wholesalers would not enable material to be altered to fit the program design. Still progressively material was wiped out, on the grounds that It was one-sided, unseemly, or unessential. As specific films or tapes were identified for integration into the series, negotiations proceeded for the purchase of broadcast rights. The copyrights were purchased for an audience consisting of the 56 sites and the 12 Public Broadcasting System stations that carried the series.

The NJSIAA has granted exclusive broadcast rights to all NJSIAA events to its primary and secondary rights partners, NJ HS Sports Live and NFHS Network, respectively. These rights include, but are not limited to, the creation, distribution and licensing of any NJSIAA event on any type of media platform.


The NJSIAA will grant broadcast rights to individual events that are not being covered by its primary or secondary rights partners to accredited media professionals only. Approved broadcast rights are not transferable. NJSIAA broadcast rights will provide free access to the approved event and access to either the sideline or designated, pre-determined media area. NJSIAA broadcast rights are not required to cover regular season events hosted by its member schools.


Prior to submitting a rights request, all individuals wishing to broadcast any NJSIAA post-season championship event must submit the required accreditation information no later than three (3) business days prior to the start of the tournament for the specific sport. For instance, individuals wishing to broadcast football playoff games must submit the required information no later than Monday, November 4, 2019.


All accreditation information and broadcast rights requests must be submitted to in accordance with the specific deadlines for each.